NJPhA Committees

Nobody has to tell you that the pharmacy profession is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and to keep pace, NJPhA has to evolve. But for this to happen, we need input, advice, and guidance from members like you.

Helping your profession. And Yourself.

Participating in an NJPhA committee takes time, but the benefits are many—enhancing leadership skills, steering direction of the Association, networking, early awareness of industry trends, and guiding the actions to address them. On top of this is knowing that your efforts continue to make the Association relevant and meaningful to your colleagues and your profession today and into the future.

To participate in a committee, contact one of the committee chairs below or get in touch with the NJPhA office.

2020 Committees

Continuing Education
Recommend and review educational program  content
Chair: Linda Gooen, PharmD, MS, CCP, CGP

Maintain oversight of and provide advice to the editorial staff of The New Jersey Journal of Pharmacy 
Chair: A. Elif Özdener-Poyraz, PharmD, BCACP, CDE, AAHIVP

Government and Public Affairs

Review, track, and prioritize proposed legislation and regulatory proposals
Co-chairs: Loretta Brickman, RPh and Harold Bobrow, RPh

Provide financial oversight of the organization
Chair: Anne Crochunis, PharmD, CCP

Professional Affairs (Ad Hoc)
Review professional issues affecting all areas of pharmacy practice
Chair: Carmela Silvestri, PharmD, CCP

Permanent Organization
Consider all propositions related to the amendment of the Constitution and by-laws
Chair: Carrie Corboy, PharmD, RPh

Guide membership services, recruitment, and retention initiatives
Chair: Aakash Gandhi, PharmD

Plan, organize, and execute the Annual Meeting and Convention.
Chair: Grace Earl, PharmD, BCACP

Student Practitioner
Identifies methods to strengthen Association relationships with pharmacy students  
Chair: Andrew Mina, PharmD

New Practitioner
Offers unique opportunities for professional development, education, advocacy and social networking for pharmacists in New Practitioner Network (NPN)
Chair: Kanika Chandra, PharmD

Plans and excutes +TONIC Rx social and charity events a to build a better, stronger NJ pharmacy community
Chair: Jigar Amin, PharmD