NJPhA Awards

Who inspires you? A neighborhood pharmacist who donated medication to a family working through hard times?

A pharmacy school instructor who helped you master that topic you initially thought was impossible to comprehend?

An exemplary member of your practice area?

NJPhA provides members with an excellent way to thank fellow NJPhA members—who are your colleagues, friends, mentors—who made a difference in your career. Each year at the Annual Meeting and Convention, NJPhA recognizes member-nominated award recipients for their recent contributions (within the last 2-3 years) and achievements, separate from their job description. Award nominations are due by June 23rd each year. Any submissions received after June 23rd will be considered the following year.

Few things are more gratifying than peer-recognition. Who will you nominate today?

The awards

Award Name Award Description Recipients
Rosario J. Mannino Award This award honors President-Emeritus Rosario J. Mannino, and is given for meritorious service to the profession of pharmacy and the New Jersey Pharmacists Association. 2008 - Sandy Fishman, RPh

2009 - Frank J. Cann, PhD, RPh

2010 - Richard J. Weiss, RPh

2011 - Loretta Brickman, RPh

2013 - Sandra C. Moore, PharmD, CCP

2014 - Ivan Saiff, RPh

2016 - Louis Spinelli, RPh

2017 - Linda Gooen, PharmD, MS, CGP, CCP

2020 - Carmela Silvestri, PharmD, CCP, FASCP


2021 - Harold Bobrow, RPh

Bowl of Hygeia Sponsored by APhA Foundation and NASPA Sponsored by National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) to a living, NJ Association member and licensed pharmacist who has compiled an outstanding record of community service that, apart from the practice of pharmacy, reflects well on the profession. Service may include involvement in governmental activites seperate from, or in addition to, his or her job. The nominee must not be a current serving officer of the association. 2008 - Fred Trinkley, RPh

2009 - Richard A. Palombo, RPh

2010 - Richard J. Weiss, RPh

2011 - Robert F. Kocsardy, RPh

2013 - Eileen Fishman, RPh

2014 - Maria Trocone Liebfried, BS, PharmD, BCNSP, CCP

2015 - Edward McGinley, MBA, RPh

2016 - Stephen Brickman, RPh

2017 - Tom Bender, RPh

2018 - Rupal Mansukhani, PharmD, FAPhA, NCTTP

2019 - John L. Colaizzi, Jr., PharmD, CCP

2020 - Edward Rucki, RPh, CCP

2021 - Lucio Volino, PharmD, CTTS

Andrew J. Preston Political Action Award Sponsored by past President and PAC Chairman Andrew J. Preston, this award is presented to an NJPhA member exhibiting outstanding effort in the political arena to benefit the profession and our patients.

2009 - Joseph P. Tarallo, Jr. RPh

2010 - Eileen B. Fishman, RPh

2011 - Robert S. Milner, RPh

2012 - Stephen Brandt, RPh

2014 - Ritesh Shah, RPh

2016 - Harold Bobrow, RPh

2017 - Loretta Brickman, RPh

2018 - James Cammarata, RPh

Donald J. Wernik Academic Achievement Award Presented to an academician who has performed outstanding service for our profession and NJPhA. 2008 - Robert Fusco, RPh

2009 - Steven H. Zlotnick, PharmD

2010 - John L. Colaizzi, Sr. PhD, RPh

2011 - Frank S. Breve, PharmD, MBA, CCP

2012 - Rupal Patel Mansukhani, PharmD

2013 - Grace Earl, PharmD

2014 - Timothy Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS

2015 - Maria Trocone Liebfried, BS, PharmD, BCNSP, CCP

2016 - Mary Bridgeman, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, FASCP

2017 - John Colaizzi, Jr., PharmD, CCP

2018 - Malgorzata Slugocki, PharmD, BCPS

2019 - Zhe (Amy) Wang, PharmD, MBA, BCPS

2020 - Lucio Volino, PharmD, CTTS

2021 - Antonia Carbone, Pharm

Frederick B. Kilmer Award

Dr. Kilmer, a former NJPhA president, established the concept of research at J&J that became a standard for much of the pharmaceutical industry. He was a prodigious writer who valued articulate writing as a means of improving the pharmacy profession and the health of our citizenry.

Though Dr. Kilmer's bequest to recognize excellence in pharmacy writing by a member was depleted many years ago, the award has been given since 1938. All members, with the exception of educators and laboratory workers, are eligible.

2008 - Richard Meadows, RPh

2009 - Francis J. Rodriguez, MS, CPhT

2010 - Frank F. Pinchak, RPh

2011 - Matthew J. Luckman, RPh

2012 - Mary Bridgeman, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, FASCP

2014 - John L. Colaizzi, Sr., PhD, RPh

2015 - Carmela Silvestri, PharmD, CCP, FASCP

2016 - Marcella Brown, BSPharm, MS, MPH, PharmD, CGP, BLSC, BCACP

2017 - Steve Zlotnick, PharmD, CCP

2018 - Timothy Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS, CCP, FASCP

2019 - Maria Deutsch, MS, PharmD, RPh

Excellence in Innovation Award Sponsored by Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC, and administered by NASPA this award is given to a practicing NJPhA member and pharmacist within New Jersey who has demonstrated innovative pharmacy practice resulting in improved patient care. 2008 - Scott Karolchyk, RPh

2009 - Rupal Patel, PharmD

2010 - Shara Rudner, BSPharm

2011 - Mary M. Bridgeman, Pharm D, BCPS, CGP

2012 - Lucio Volino, PharmD

2013 - Anne Crochunis, PharmD

2014 - James P. Cammarata, RPh

2015 - Chester Lau, RPh, MS

2016 -Loretta Brickman, RPh

2017 - Domenic DiPrimo, RPh

2018 - Daniel DiStefano, PharmD

2019 - Steven Gilbert, B.Sc Pharmacy, MBA, BCPS

2021 - Antonio Minniti, RPh, FACA

Jesse Gaynor Award Presented to a consultant pharmacist who has shown meritorious service and dedication to the practice of pharmacy. 2008 - Firth Bowden, RPh

2009 - Frank S. Breve, MBA, CCP

2010 - J. Wesley Dawson, RPh, CCP

2011 - Edward Rucki, RPh, CCP, CGP

2012 - Robert Fusco, RPh, CCP, FASCP

2016 - Penny Applegate, RPh, CCP

2019 - Linda Witzal, RPh, CCP

Mortar and Pestle Award Authorized by the Board of Trustees, the Mortar & Pestle Award is given to an individual who is not a pharmacist, but who by virtue of his or her activity, has contributed to the profession of pharmacy and the public-at-large.

2009 - Laurie A. Clark

2010 - Pamela Mandel, Esq.

2011 - Honorable Linda Stender, Assemblywoman District 22

2012 - Commissioner Jennifer Velez, Esq.

2013 - Senator James Whelan

2014 - Congressman Frank Pallone Jr.

2015 - Michael Avaltroni, PhD

2016 - Senator Linda Greenstein

2017 - Assemblyman Raj Mukherji

2018 - Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin

2019 - Senator Vin Gopal

2020 - Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr

2021 - Governor Philip D. Murphy

William H. McNeill Award This award recognizes outstanding community service work by an NJPhA member in the preceding year or years. 2008 - Allan Cohen, RPh

2009 - Peter J. Halecky, RPh

2010 - Paul Schneider, RPh

2011 - Joseph P. Tarallo, RPh

2012 - John Surmay, RPh, HO

2015 - Edward Rucki, RPh, CCP

2016 - John L. Colaizzi, Jr., PharmD, CCP

2017 - Richard Coniglio, RPh

2018 - Adedolapo Gbogodo, PharmD

2019 - Ritesh Shah, RPh

2020 - Azuka Obianwu, PharmD

2021 - Michelle Torpey, RPh

Pharmacist Mutual Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award

Presented to an outstanding pharmacist who has worked for the profession of pharmacy and who graduated in the past ten years.

This award is presented to a pharmacist who best meets the following guidelines:

  • Licensed and in good standing to practice in New Jersey
  • Current membership and participation in NJPhA
  • Degree in Pharmacy received within the last ten years
  • Participation in national pharmacy associations, professional programs, state association activities, and/or community service

2009 - John E. Berkenkopf, RPh, PharmD

2010 - Ryan T. Barna, PharmD

2011 - Chan Sohn, PharmD

2012 - Lisa Lee, PharmD

2013 - Moriah Weisman, PharmD, CCP

2014 - Brian J. Catton, Pharm D

2015 - Satish Poondi, RPh, Esq.

2016 - Kristine Cigna, PharmD, CCP

2017 - Michael Tinglin, PharmD

2018 - Aakash Gandhi, PharmD

2019 - Eliz Özdener, PharmD, BCACP, CDE, AAHIVP

2020 - Andrew Mina, PharmD, BCCCP

Pharmaceutical Industry Award Presented to a representative of the pharmaceutical industry who has advanced the profession through educational efforts or support to the profession.

2009 - Dean Gregory Gianarkis, MS, PharmD

2011 - Steven H. Zlotnick, PharmD, CCP

2012 - Carrie Corboy, RPh, PharmD, CCP

2014 - Moriah J. Weissman, PharmD, CCP

2016 - Josseph Barone, PharmD, FCCP

2019 - Barbara Rossi, RPh, MA

2021 - Suzanne Soliman, PharmD

Independent Pharmacist of the Year Award This award is presented to a practicing pharmacist who has demonstrated exemplary service to his/her patients and the community.

2010 - Ritesh Shah, RPh

2011 - James Cammarata, RPh

2012 - Vincent Marone, RPh

2014 - Mark K. Taylor, FACVP

2015 - Sandy Fishman, RPh

2016 - David Miller, RPh

2017 - John Bellitti, RPh

2018 - Julie Campion, RPh

2020 - Brian Pinto, RPh

2021 - Antonio Minniti, RPh, FACA

Cardinal Health Generation Rx Champions Award This award recognizes a pharmacist who has demonstrated excellence in community-based prescription drug abuse prevention. This award is intended to recognize outstanding efforts within the pharmacy community to raise awareness of this serious public health problem. It is also intended to encourage educational prevention efforts aimed at patients, youth, annd other members of the community. *We thank Cardinal for offering this award through 2018. The award was discontinued by the sponsor in 2019.

2012 - L. Clark Boyd, RPh

2014 - Ruth A. Marietta, RPh, CCP

2016 - Eileen Fishman, RPh

2017 - Joseph Tarallo, RPh

Sidney B. Gilman Pharmacy Technician Award Presented to an NJPhA Pharmacy Technician member in recognition of Individual excellence and outstanding service to the pharmacy profession.

2016 - Francis Rodriguez, MS, CPhT

2017 - David Giraud

NCPA Award Valuing the leadership qualities of pharmacists in our state associations, this NCPA-sponsored award is traditionally given to incoming state association Presidents. 2008 - Richard Weiss, RPh

2009 - John L. Colaizzi

2010 - Linda G. Gooen, PharmD, MS, CCP, CGP

2011 - Sandra Moore, PharmD, CCP

2012 - Joseph Tarallo, RPh

2013 - Carrie Corboy, RPh, PharmD, CCP

2014 - Moriah Weissman, PharmD, CCP

2015 - Ruth Marietta, RPh, CCP

2016 - Ronald J. Mannino, RPh

2017 - Carmela Silvestri, RPh, PharmD, CCP

2018 - James Ward, RPh

2019 - Mark Taylor, RPh, MBS, FACVP

2020 - Grace Earl, PharmD, BCACP

2021 - Aakash Gandhi, PharmD

Lifetime Achievement Award For lifetime achievement to the profession of pharmacy and to NJPhA. 2008 - Ann Zar Taub, RPh

2009 - Alvin Geser, RPh, JD

2011 - James M. Beatty, RPh

2013 - Steve Zlotnick, PharmD

2015 - Linda Gooen, PharmD, MS, CCP, CGP

2016 - John Colaizzi, Sr., BSPharm, MS, PhD

2017 - Donald J. Wernik, RPh

2020 - Loretta Brickman, RPh

2021 - Ronald J. Mannino, RPh

How to nominate

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