NJPhA academies are your special-interest forums to learn about the latest issues affecting your patients and your practice.

Who can join them? Pharmacists, technicians, and students who are NJPhA members in good standing.

Who proposes topics for new Academies? YOU DO.

If you have a specialty area that you'd like to see become an academy, just let us know. And remember to share your idea with your colleagues and peers—Academies of at least 50 people earn a representative seat on the Board of Trustees.

How to join an Academy

You can join an academy by logging in, accessing your member profile, and selecting the desired Academies.

Academy of Disaster Management Pharmacists

The mission is to promote the health and safety of New Jersey residents by preparing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to respond to naturally occurring disasters and outbreaks, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive events, and other health and homeland security threats and emergencies.

Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

This Academy’s mission is to provide a forum for New Jersey Compounding Pharmacists to address certain specific key issues related to compounding and the protection of compounding in New Jersey.