2022 Award Nominations are Open!

    Who inspires you? A neighborhood pharmacist who donated medication to a family working through hard times? A pharmacy school instructor who helped you master that topic you initially thought was impossible to comprehend? An exemplary member of your practice area? NJPhA provides members with an excellent way to thank fellow NJPhA members who are your colleagues, friends, mentors—who made a difference in your career.

    Each year at the Annual Meeting and Convention, NJPhA recognizes member-nominated award recipients for their recent contributions. Award nominations are due by July 15 each year.

Immunizing Pharmacist Network Sign Up

    We've created an immunizing pharmacist network in anticipation of the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine across the state. If you are a pharmacist that is willing to work to help vaccinate at a practice site in New Jersey please complete the sign up below. By providing your information you are agreeing to have your name, city, and phone number shared with other pharmacists and practice sites across the state through the New Jersey Pharmacists Association member network. All participants must hold a current NJ license in good standing and maintain an immunization license through the NJBOP.


Renew Your Membership

    Have you renewed your membership with NJPhA yet? Membership invoices are posted 60 days in advance and you can access them by following the link below. If your membership has lapsed, we have an option for you as well! Click the button below and scroll to the bottom of the page to check out online. We thank you for your commitment to and support of our association. Your membership is what makes our association vibrant and your input guides the direction we go.